Why Transportation Sector is Booming in India?

With the Indian economy growing by leaps and bounds, the transportation sector has become one of the hottest sectors in the country. As per some research reports, this segment is expected to grow at an impressive growth rate of 6 percent, which also makes it one of the fastest growing ones.

Here we will take a look at this sector and why it is undergoing such immense growth. Let’s begin! 

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Improvement in Infrastructure

Improvement in Infrastructure

It’s great to see the government spend considerable efforts to revamp the infrastructure. This has helped the transportation sector gain pace. Apart from government agencies, the private sector is also making its presence felt through ‘Public Private Partnership’ model.

So, the roads, highways, trains, ports and storage hubs are adequate to handle the demands of the economy. Coming back to the transportation sector, it is obviously benefitted greatly from this development.

Growing Economy

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It is still growing at a fast pace. This means that there is a huge demand for transportation for both national and international consignments. 

It should be added that our country is also witnessing the rise of a middle class with huge spending capability. And national and multinational companies are rushing to fulfill this demand. When the ‘market economy’ is growing, an efficient transportation system is required to handle the movement of goods 

Another notable point is the rise of the e-commerce sector. This is no hidden secret that our country is undergoing a revolution – one that is shaping the way Indians shop! Once again, there is a huge movement of products all over the country. 

All in all, it can be easily said that the transport system is the foundation stone of the Indian growth story.

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Relaxed FDI Rules

This sector is fundamental to the country’s growth. Hence, the government is also keen to keep the growth momentum growing. The FDI rules are no longer stringent. Hence, the sector is growing at a fast pace. As discussed above, the PPP(public-private partnership) is has proved its mettle. Let’s take an awesome example. Our country has witnessed 112 completed road projects through this model and many more are undergoing completion.

So, these are some reasons why the transportation sector is growing in India. We, Deeva India, understand this and provide reliable and cost-effective solutions. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help you.

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