Deeva India is an established warehousing company in Delhi, providing reliable services to clients that cover almost all national and global destinations. Our warehouse has all the latest equipment, inventory and security systems that take care of all the clients’ needs.

With over 60 years of experience, we understand what a vital role we play for our customers. We strive to work seamlessly with our customers as if we were an in-house department.

We are renowned for offering the best warehousing service in Delhi while offering safe storage facilities to the customers for their goods.

We work day-and-night to give the finest warehouse services in India while sustaining our large group of highly valued customers. We welcome all small and large businesses to be part of our logistics facility that ensures to meet high standards and quality warehousing needs of customers.

We offer the best services to you:

Deeva India strives to become the best warehouse company in India in the coming few years by offering the finest storage and distribution services to clients. We ensure the same condition and appearance of goods as they come into our warehouse and until the goods reach customers

With our strategically planned infrastructure for packaging and storage, our warehouse service in India is close to the international standards. We have an experienced team of professionals that work consistently to support the latest inventory management, storage centres and security of the goods.

Our services are designed specifically to handle a large volume of national and international freight management and storage. For bulk exporters, traders, buyers and manufacturers, we offer adequate facilities.

We are ISO 9001:2000 certified with modern strategic and distribution services that are accessible through the internet. This makes it easier for the customers to track down their shipment as per their convenience.

Our warehousing services include:

Deeva India’s reliable reporting and data-collection systems make sure customers get the accurate information and visibility on their shipments, inventories and other processes until the goods reach them.

Our logistics are not just limited to distribution, order fulfilment and warehousing services in Delhi. We also offer many other additional services to make our services easy and cost-effective. We provide complete consolidation, product return processing and shipping facilities to increase our efficiency.

Following are some of the warehousing services that we offer:

  • A well-equipped and contemporary warehouse facility
  • Storage of the goods
  • Adequate, safe and private warehousing space
  • Keep a check on both entry and exit of goods
  • Warehouse space at Deeva India’s premises is designed for the storage of all kinds of goods

We also store goods that need to be kept under specific temperature conditions

Our team even handles product re-packing and re-working to offer greater flexibility in managing various product needs of a client/ customer. Furthermore, our different packaging options are available to match up varying needs of customers.

Additionally, we manage vendor and supplier communications on behalf of our customers. This is how our warehousing and logistics facilities make your life easier. Storage, documentation, labelling, consolidation, invoicing, handling finished goods, inventory management, distribution and service support are some of the other services that we provide if a client requires.