Custom Auction

Deeva India has already helped its clients with 400 successful bids so far. You can also now avail of our ‘Auction Services’.

About Custom Auction

There are many people who travel abroad and get goods from other countries, goods like – electronics, fabric, toys, gifts, crockery, raw material, scrap, shoes and various other types of goods. At times, these goods are seized by the custom. The custom is then free to auction these goods.

Any individual can bid for these goods and further sell it in the market and can make a good profit.

Types of custom auctions:

  • Custom seized goods
  • Custodian goods
  • General auction
  • Hazardous goods
  • E waste goods, and many more

Deeva India Ltd provides you guidance all the way on how to buy custom goods from Custom or directly from the Custodian.

You can subscribe to our Custom Auction Service by registering with us for a subscription fee of INR 5000.00 for a year.

Once you subscribe to our Custom Auction Service, we will offer you help with:

· Get you registered with the government custom department

· Help you get a buyer card

· Visit with you to the location where the cargo is parked

· Help you with cargo inspection, help you with how to bid

Once you win the auction, we will also guide you on:

· How to make the payment

· How to get the final sell letter

· How to take the delivery order

· How to pick your cargo from the cargo site

Not only that, we will also take care of all the legal formalities related to each auction product.

Sometimes you have to pay to bid for an auction, in case you don’t win the bid, we also guide you on how to get your advance bid money back.

Deeva India Ltd will guide you with the entire process until the goods are delivered to your warehouse or any designated site.

Subscribe to our Auction Bid Service and start winning bids right away!

After the first successful auction, we will charge you INR 1000.00 plus GST on every next successful bid.

To subscribe to our Custom Auction service – Call (91) 9310404871 or send an email to