Our Services

Deeva India primarily assesses all the safety aspects associated with transportation and logistics. With our strong knowledge and rich expertise in logistic safety management, we are able to offer customised solutions to various firms through advisory, consulting, training, research, capacity building, audit and assurance. 

We know that logistic safety is a critical aspect to the companies dealing in cement, power, steel, beverages, etc, as they might have to face certain fatalities and accidents. Therefore, they need high-end safety measures during transportation. 

Different types of risks are associated during the transportation of raw materials from their production plants to the respective destinations. To offer top-notch safety facilities, we first identify the risks and further plan how to manage the crucial situations of a specific organisation, especially the one that’s involved in a huge number of transport activities. 

Benefits of Logistics Safety: 

  •  It increases the confidence of customers, management, associated trade partners, financial institutions and other stakeholders.
  • It has a positive impact on the brand image.
  • Improved logistics safety means increased workforce morale and performance.
  • It potentially decreases the rate of injuries, accidents, litigation costs and ill health.
  • Transportation and logistics safety helps in improving productivity to a great extent.
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Not sure which solution fits you business needs?

Deeva India is focused to grow a community by strategically attracting and retaining some relevant logistics partners. With the help of our community services, you can quickly collaborate and connect with different trading partners to help you achieve the results rapidly.

These services are to orchestrate the multi-party transportation processes that are beneficial and critical to your business.

Deeva India community services:

  • We offer a cost-effective solution to shippers, as well as Freight Payment Agencies, without any complexities within the in-house processes.
  • Our freight forwarders are able to easily access carrier information through electronic or digital means. We offer booking facilities 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, via any simple web browser, without the need of installing any specific software.
  • We manage customs security for our community members to offer the ability to closely interact with the logistics flow process operators and terminal operators. Moreover, they have virtual visibility over their freight transportation process.

Deeva India is committed to engaging in sustainable and responsible transportation and environmental stewardship. We recognize the need for natural resources and hence, make every possible effort to conserve them. Sustainability is in the best interest of the organisation and customers for contributing to the better quality of life.

In order to reduce the carbon footprints during transportation, we constantly encourage our staff to operate in every environmentally responsible manner possible. For this, we initiate various sustainable plans to help customers. Some of these eco-friendly programs include:

  • Reducing general waste and energy consumption during operations.
  • Recycling packaging materials.
  • Optimizing overall logistics network and shipment routes to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Opting for greener transportation modes.
  • Partnering with specific carriers that utilize environmentally friendly operations.
  • Developing analytical tools like dashboards and carbon calculators to provide benefits of sustainability to the customer.

How We Aim To Get There:

    • To start our journey on the road to sustainability, we aim at identifying certain “quick hits” for saving money that can be utilized to feed pending costs or any other initiatives.
    • Another approach is to utilize carriers that are associated with Environmental Protection Programs to help us improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions.
    • The company’s overall efforts to achieve the benefits of recycling, cost savings and loyal customers can help us get to the cleaner environment. So, why not start today, as green is definitely here to stay.