Export Import

We at Deeva India offer you the best import and export consultants’ service in India with multiple suppliers. Instead of the small LCL shipments, we consolidate and pre-sort your vendor’s cargo for the maximum container utilization. We even arrange and coordinate the various distribution options via our de-consolidation program and import consultants’ services in Delhi.

Our aim is to offer value-added export and import consultant’s service in Delhi to our customers while reckoning the major force within the industry. Our years of expertise in handling the dangerous and hazardous cargo give us an extra edge over the competitors.

For the maximum customer benefit, we constantly keep track of the changing rules and regulations of the customs, as well as the other government departments.

Import Services

At Deeva India, import clearance agent in Delhi ensures that all the incoming merchandise has been cleared as per the Indian customs and border protection act. Import clearance involves various steps, including appraisement and inspection of the goods. We assure you that all the customs services and duties are fulfilled as per the Indian law.

According to the import customs and shipping law, the duty must be paid on all goods entering into the country. In some cases, a surety bond is also required and certain types of goods must meet proper permit and admissibility standards by the importer.

Our licensed and professional import clearance agent in India ensures that all your goods sail smoothly via lawful Indian customs process, which can otherwise be fraught with hassles and delays for the uninitiated. Our expert representatives determine whether the client’s import shipping requirement is customs clearance or freight forwarding, or both.

We maintain regular contact with our worldwide network of customs agents for working with foreign merchandise properly. We also arrange freight forwarding, handle bills of lading and manage tariffs and duties, as well as any other customs-related fees. If you face any problem while importing, you just need to contact us to resolve the issue.

Export Services

With years of experience in the industry, Deeva India has become one of the top companies offering export consultancy in India. Our team consistently endeavours to provide you with the best freight rates for exporting goods in India and delivering them to the valued clients. With our specialized export clearance agent in India, you will be able to ship your goods efficiently from India to any part of the world. 

Deeva India’s export consultancy service in Delhi offers a customized and wide range of freight services for handing both LCL and FCL cargo at very competitively priced freight rates for exporting in India. Being one of the best export clearance agents in Delhi, we partner with some of the renowned international carriers like Cosco, CSCL, SCI, CMA, HPL, Safmarine, etc.

We work constantly to offer you the most economical freight rates possible, along with safe and secure warehousing facilities to-and-from India. Moreover, we ensure that your exported cargo reaches its destination on time in the most cost-effective way possible.