Logistic Services

Deeva India is the most efficient logistic company Delhi with years of distribution expertise for giving a competitive edge to the industry. We use the high standard methods for transportation of goods and order fulfilment to meet the varying needs of customers. With our variety of distribution strategies, we ensure strategic distribution of your supply chain while reducing the total cost.

Our logistic services in Delhi are based on the management of goods, financial transactions, etc. We also ensure cost-effective and timely inventory flow from suppliers to their end consumers on a global basis. For a long time, Deeva India has been meeting the requirements of both importers and exporters with a wide range of comprehensive logistics services and global transportation.

We ensure that both your small and large shipments are moved from the point of origin to its final destination with proper security and safety. The logistics and transportation services are integrated to the internet to offer end to end virtual visibility to customers. Internet-accessible services allow customers to keep track of their shipment from any corner of the world.

Customized solutions for all your logistic needs

Our highly professional team of experts is here to help you in streamlining and planning your complete supply chain processes so that you achieve the maximum benefits. No matter your goods are being distributed and transported regionally, nationally or globally, Deeva India is your best partner to help you turn the entire supply chain into an efficient and effective channel of logistics.

We understand that managing your orders, as well as vendors, is a tough job when you have to supply the goods to varying time zones, countries or people speaking different languages. But with our strategic supplier management facilities, we ease out all these critical components of all your overseas logistic needs and suppliers.

We offer customized solutions to customers to maintain a good balance between inventory costs and offering you on-time delivery at an affordable budget. In order to maximize customer satisfaction, we try to keep the flow of the supply chain from production to finance and information as responsive as possible. Whether the client’s business strategy is based on scalability, differentiation, on-time delivery and quick response or cost leadership, we are here to help them with our customized services.

Logistics solutions for all type of businesses:

No matter whether you have a small business or multinational company, our regional experts are always at your service, ensuring your shipments reach their destination on time while the supply chain management is optimized to the fullest. We also have extensive knowledge of eco-friendly supply chain management to reduce carbon footprints and minimize any negative impact on the environment.

Our services:

  • Airfreight services
  • Landside services (including customs clearance, cargo insurance and inland transportation, as well as international trade documentation)
  • Distribution and transportation management
  • Supply chain optimization and designing of the distribution and transportation processes
  • Distribution and warehousing of finished goods
  • Eco-friendly supply chain management
  • End-to-end supply chain management
  • Internet-accessible logistics and supply chain management