Everything You Need to Know about Warehouses

Planning to hire a warehousing company in Delhi? Before you make a deal, here’s everything you need to know about warehouses.

What is a Warehouse?

In simple words, it is a building to store products. It is mainly utilised by a variety of companies such as logistics, toy makers, importers, etc. Such buildings are generally big structures in industrial parks or outside the cities. However, their sizes and locations may vary as per the city and country. In India, these buildings are also known as godowns.

They use docks to load and unload products. In addition, they use vehicles such as cranes, forklifts, etc. The goods come from airports, railways, etc.

Information about Stored Goods  

Companies can store raw materials, finished goods, auto parts, and much more. Whether you are producing goods in the country or importing from foreign nations, storage solutions are important to your business.

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About Its History

Let’s go back to the era of the industrial revolution. During this important time, warehouses became specialised. It means that the structures were standardised and supply chains were changed. However, the history of specialised storage laces goes back to the times when societies were trading large quantities of goods.

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Anyway, let’s go back to the industrial era. There was a huge demand for specialised places, usually in urban areas. If we look carefully at the development phases, factory system actually depended heavily on specialisation of products.

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It should be noted that storage houses also fulfilled several commercial functionalities such as receiving, stockpiling and despatching goods.

Types of Warehouses

There are different types of storage structures in the world. Here we will take a look at some of them:

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These places are popular in western countries. Here products are displayed in full glory. Some popular products are fashion dresses, footwear, etc. A popular example is Richard Cobden’s construction in Manchester’s Mosley Street.

Cool Units Also Known as Cold Storage

This is still a popular category. It is used to preserve agricultural products. The cold temperature prevents sprouting, rotting and insect damage. It has been observed that cold storages even maintain market prices. Furthermore, farmers also get better prices for their hard work.

The cold storage should be preferably located near to the farm or market. Most importantly, it requires heavy supply of electricity.

Overseas Units

As the name suggests, this category is for overseas trading. Here traders buy and sell goods.  A popular example is the Behrens Warehouse on the corner of Oxford Street and Portland Street.

Packing warehouses

As the name suggests, this category is dedicated to picking, checking, labelling and packing of products. Some popular examples are Asia House, India House and Velvet House.

Railway Warehouses

Many railway systems also have storage buildings. This is to store products especially the ones transferring from one location to another. Visit Now:

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